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Book Two released!

Announcing the release of The Case of The Formidable Fiend, Book Two in the Magic Investigations Society Archive.

Just a quick announcement to let you know that book two in the Magic Investigations Society Archive has released. Yay! What can I tell you about this one? Mmm... (rubs palms together).

Well, in book one, there was much to establish in Ella's world, while you'll notice book two shifts up a gear as a classic mystery. Ella and Max's couple skills are tested to the max, pardon the pun. We get a window into the sprawling estate of the Governing Coven, where Ella gets free rein in the lumin sanctum (the perks of being the only living lumin). And the big question—what is that thing lurching behind Ella on the book cover? Why is it wearing beads along with merely, as Reo puts it, a loincloth that doesn't pass the benchmark for decency during combat?

In The Case of The Formidable Fiend, a murder investigation steamrolls ahead, and while Ella gives all she can, she quietly harbours imposter syndrome. Who wouldn't as an amateur tag-along sleuth (or maybe that's just me). Over time, her skills and gut instincts will grow. Meanwhile, the enigmatic Toby manages to draw her into risky scenarios despite her commitment to career and family. But is he really to blame? Come on, Ella. :)

In feedback to book one, a couple of people mentioned wanting to see Daylesford featured further, Ella's hometown. I'll thread more of this quaint town into my upcoming books!

If you'd like to continue the series, click the button below and head to my books page on my website. I've added icons that link to the available platforms. I really hope you enjoy this one!

Lastly, I snapped some pretty pics of Moonah trees in Torquay, Victoria, which is where Molly has her frightening encounter with the werewolf in Book One. They're Australian coastal trees that have grown into stunning, wind-swept forms. A little climber's delight!

Warm regards,

~ HB ~

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